Don’t just make a vision board…make it WORK!!!


Many of us have heard about the benefits of creating vision boards. And some of us have even taken the time to create one. But I have a sneaking suspicion that most of us have not successfully achieved a single goal that we outlined on a vision board. Before I ever heard of vision boards, I would create lists of goals that I wanted to achieve by a specific date. Having the list of goals made it clear to me that I needed to do a lot of work. (It usually scared the crap out of me!) But, after writing down the goals, I pushed through and worked hard to figure out what specific things I needed to do to reach each goal. I did this all while making sure I kept the faith that I would reach my goal at some point.

When I created my first vision board, I never thought about work. I got lost in the visual presentation of my dreams. I forgot about what had made my lists of goals so successful. It was the alignment of my faith and work that was the key to me successfully achieving many goals over the years. And the same is true for you. Your faith that the vision you’ve crafted on your board must be in alignment with the work you’re doing to make the vision happen. You don’t have to think of every detail of how something will happen. You just need to take the first step toward making it happen. The first step is creating what I call a WORKable Vision Board, instead of a traditional one.

Just before the start of 2015, I had the idea of creating a vision board on a piece of paper instead of a large poster board. I wanted to create something portable without distracting pictures. I decided that on a piece of paper I would write out the goals that I envision myself accomplishing in 2015. Each goal would be a separate color and the words would be going in different directions and be different sizes. Then I decided to take a picture of my completed project and make it the wallpaper on my phone. The hope was that the wallpaper would be a gentle subliminal suggestion to encourage me to keep working toward my goal. I was (and still am) really excited about my WORKable vision board because if someone happens to be close to my phone, to them the wallpaper looks like graffiti art but to me its a great reminder! Only I can see my most intimate plans and goals. My excitement, and success thus far, is why I’ve created this tutorial for you.



  • printer paper (white is best so the colors of the words will pop)
  • markers (lots of various colors and tip sizes)
  • cellphone (with internal camera)
  • Optional: Pens of different colors (If you’re really looking to create graffiti art, you’ll need pens to get into the smaller spaces.)

So after you get finished raiding your stock cabinet at work (be sure to return everything!), or your sibling’s/child’s school supplies you can get started!

STEP 1: Ask yourself the Faith Work Life vision board question: “What are the things that will upset me the most if by this time next year I have not accomplished them?”

STEP 2: As you think of different things that you want to do, write them down in different colors, directions and sizes. Keep doing this until you either have nothing else to write or until you think the

STEP 3: Put the paper on a flat surface. Take a picture of the paper using your cellphone. I recommend that you change the direction of the paper and your cellphone so that you have page is full. (Note that some people don’t like visual clutter and others love the look of graffiti art.


So, each of us will have different definitions of when the page is full. And that’s just fine!)

STEP 4: Set the picture as your wallpaper. If you’re not sure how to do that take a look at these instructions for   iPhone   and   Samsung Galaxy  . If you have another type of phone try Old Faithful (read: Google).

STEP 5: Throughout the year, when you’re waiting for a response to a text or when a page won’t load, take a look at the wallpaper. (If you don’t have a lot of apps, you may have a completely blank page, so you can see the entire vision board.) Ask yourself what you’ve done to accomplish any of the goals you’ve written down. And then get to work!

Eventually, you will naturally be working toward your goals. Once your work product matches your faith, I guarantee you’ll begin to understand how useful vision boards really are.

If you have any questions throughout this process, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to answer. Also, check out the screenshot of my phone at the right to see my finished product. As time goes on and you’re increasingly successful because of this tutorial please leave a comment and share your success.