New Beginnings

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In one lifetime a person can set an immeasurable number of goals. But just like new year resolutions, I think most people don’t achieve even a small percentage of their lifelong goals. The main reason that we celebrate long lives is because we assume that people who have had the blessing of living 80, 90 or 100 years must have been able to accomplish most of their lifelong goals during their long lives. This, unfortunately, isn’t true for many people.

One goal that I’ve had for many years—perhaps over a decade—is to read the entire Bible. I’ve heard of and tried to start various programs for either reading the Bible in one year or using guided outlines for reading the Bible every day or in some special order. But for some reason, none of these programs captivated me enough for me to complete them. (Or perhaps I was just lazy and unfocussed…)

Fast forward to me sitting down in the final days of 2014 to write out my 2015 goals. I don’t make new year resolutions, I merely write down the things that I want to accomplish each year. And I don’t write down every dream, hope, wish, and prayer that I have. (I would be writing all day if I did.) I only write down the things that come to mind when I ask myself the following question:

“What are the things that will upset me the most if by this time next year I have not accomplished them?”

I use this question to filter myself and figure out my most pressing goals. This year, after filtering my thoughts, my spirit encouraged me to focus on 12 Bible verses in 2015. One verse per month for a total of 12 Bible verses read and truly digested in 2015.

When I stopped to think about it, this goal was exciting for many reasons. First, it was a completely reasonable goal. Second, it was a goal that would help me accomplish bigger goals like memorizing certain Bible verses, learning more about the writers of the Bible and the stories of certain people in the Bible. It also felt good to not have a list full of stretch goals . Most importantly, this goal would give me an opportunity to marinate (read: meditate) on GOD’s word. This is important to me because, just like we should try to see things from the perspective of others, I think that we should take time to look at GOD’s word from multiple angles over a period of time. I’ve read some things as a child and re-read them again as an adult and I’ve learned very different life lessons on both occasions.

When I practically considered this goal, I decided to reach out to faithful friends that have been an encouragement to me in many ways. I asked each of them to suggest a few Bible verses/chapters/books or “character” journeys to marinate on during each month in 2015. Each of them immediately thought this was a wonderful idea and that’s how this blog was formed.

So, for the rest of 2015 through this blog, I will share with you my experience of reading 12 different verses, chapters or books of the Bible. I will post four times per month and I look forward to your comments. Please also look through the rest of the website for resources about how you can filter your mind so that it can hear the goals of your heart so that you too can begin to achieve all of your lifelong goals.

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