Beautiful harvest

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Don’t be misled — you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Galatians 6:7, New Living Translation

The harvest is coming!!!! In the past two weeks, since I’ve truly began to focus on what I’ve accomplished, I’ve actually accomplished a lot. The list that I keep each day of the things that I’ve accomplished during that day, gives me a sense of achievement (on good days) and motivation (on less than ideal days).  It feels great to have gotten so much done, that I’m no longer weighed down by the long and growing list of things I need to do. The constant sense of fighting against being overwhelmed has actually diminished because every day the only thing I think about is getting things done. And with each thought, each completed task written down, I’ve begun to harvest a less overwhelmed life.

And in this very moment as I write, I’ve realized something. I’m not harvesting multiple little tasks that I am glad I’ve gotten done. I’m harvesting a new way of life. I’m harvesting a new spirit within myself. Over the past 4 weeks, as I’ve tried to remind myself to consider each task, I’ve slowly begun to establish a new way of being, not just thinking.

I am the harvest. A better me is the harvest!!! Each challenging conversation was a storm and the tears that I cried were the rain. I truly cannot believe how this idea that God placed on my heart has transformed me and continues to transform me.

I never thought that I would be here, but I’m glad I am.


What are you planting in your life? Is your harvest more beautiful or different than you imaged it would be?


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